Meet Bob (Virtual Assistant)

BOB is varied in its application, serving as the ultimate tasks management system for hotels.

Why Choose Bob

Market and upsell ancillary services

Guest Communication

Request Intake and Routing

COVID-19 Touchless Solution


Each day, millions of people around the world are staying at hotels enjoying, experiencing and relaxing – consensually, symbolize good time. But they can do more. Hotels are capable much more than the guest knows about. There is no sufficient way to display all the vast variety of services. Also, employees are overwhelmed from guests’ requests during rush hours. Using old-fashioned communication channels like PTT, landline and sometimes notes making the work much messy and complex. Nowadays we have the privilege to use people smartphones to reach them and take their experience to the next level. BOB is intended to solve all the above by providing hotels with the ultimate tasks management system and guests with the best hotel’s app.

Uses of Bob

Content Management

With BOB management dashboard, hotels are able to create and configure services, sales and special offers, even configure things like the service handling pipeline and SLA.


From our understanding that every hotel is unique and special, BOB deliver easy-to-use designer system. Hotels can design the content with their branding.

Tasks Management

No more old-fashioned communication channels. With BOB, hotels can create a synchronized communication network between employees and guests to optimize the tasks management and handling.

Managerial Insights

Hotel’s managers can exploit the system to generate statistics and insights about tasks progress, employee’s productivity, guest’s satisfaction and revenue growth from additional services.

Easy Start

Due to the fact that BOB is a cloud bases system, there is no need for complex setup. Everything is out-of-the-box, you can register online and start work with your virtual assistant BOB.

Plan Your Vacation

Once receive booking confirmation, guest can start exploring everything the hotel offers and plan the vacation step by step (but still leave enough room for surprises).

Cross Hotel

Guests earn all of the mobile application advantages such as notifications, offline-work, performance etc. yet avoid download lots of applications to the smartphone due to the fact that with BOB guests can use the same application to manage all of their vacations at different hotels.

Live Updates

Both guests and employees can be notified about tasks status and progress live at their smartphone.

Virtual Assistant

BOB can also talk. Guests can chat with BOB through their mobile application and ask him everything.